Order Tasty Hamburger Meat From Our Ranch

Order Tasty Hamburger Meat From Our Ranch

You can buy pasture-raised beef
from us in Two Dot, MT

Looking for premium beef? The Great Alone Cattle Company can sell you all the hamburger meat you need for affordable prices. You'll be glad you ordered from our ranch.

Our beef is:

  • USDA inspected
  • IMI verified
  • GAP certified
  • Audubon certified

Available in 10lb cases - 10 one pound packages or 2 five pound packages.


10 pound case $50
1-9 pounds $7/pound
Skirt $10/lb
1/4 beef $675
1/2 $1,325
Whole $2,500

Tenderloins $18/pound
We often have flank steak and brisket as well.

We care about our community. Our ranch works with charities to provide high-quality protein to families facing food insecurity. We can accept EBT/SNAP dollars.

Call now to order pasture-raised beef in Two Dot, MT.

Serve up quality burgers

Serve up quality burgers

From the moment our beef hamburgers hit your grill, you'll enjoy the sizzling aroma and high quality of our meat.

To get our all-natural beef, we blend heritage ranching techniques with 21st century practices to ensure the highest possible quality of life for our cattle and surrounding wildlife.

Contact us today to find out more about the all-natural beef we provide throughout Two Dot, MT and the surrounding areas.